5th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 December 2003 - 11 January 2008)

Gender Equality Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

The Gender Equality Committee shall establish and monitor the implementation of policy, and in procedures to enact legislation and other regulations it shall have the rights and duties of the competent working body in matters pertaining to the promotion and monitoring the application of the principles of gender equality in the legislation of the Republic of Croatia, and in particular the Committee shall:
- promote the signing of international documents on gender equality and monitors the application of these documents,
- participate in the drafting, implementation and analysis of the implementation of the National Gender Equality Policy in the Republic of Croatia,
- co-operate and establish measures and activities to improve gender equality,
- propose packages of measures to eliminate discrimination between the sexes,
- promote equal gender representation in the composition of parliamentary working bodies and delegations,
- participate in the drafting of documents on the integration activities of the Republic of Croatia through the amendment and adaptation of legislation and executive measures to achieve gender equality according to the standards applied in the legislation and programmes of the European Union,
- prepare draft legislation and other regulations on gender quality,
- undertake efforts to introduce the principles of gender equality in education, health-care, public information, social policy, employment, free enterprise, decision-making processes, family relations, etc.,
- encourage co-operation between the Government Gender Equality Commission and associations and other institutions.


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