Chronology of parliamentary ratifications of the Treaty of Accession

The last step in the EU accession was the ratification of the Treaty of Croatia’s Accession by all 27 Member States and the Croatian Parliament. This complicated and complex process lasted for about one year and a half. First parliamentary ratifications were completed in Slovakian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Italian Parliaments in February 2012. The final ratification was completed in German Bundesrat in June 2013.

Chronology of important dates in the EU accession process

Establishing European Integration Committee in June and launching negotiations for Stabilization and Accession Agreement in December 2000, establishing Croatia – EU Joint Parliamentary Committee in 2004 and National Committee in 2005, launching of accession negotiations in 2005 and closing accession negotiations in 2011, referendum on accession and ratification of Treaty on accession in the Croatian Parliament are just some of the most important political events during the accession process of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union while the crown represents the 1st July 2013 – full EU membership.

Overview of important legislative activities of the Croatian Parliament during the accession process

Adopting the Law on ratification of the Agreement on Stabilization and Association between the Republic of Croatia and European Communities and their member states in 2001, adopting the Resolution on the Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union in 2002, reaching consensus of all political parties about this strategic national goal in 2004, establishing the working body to monitor the negotiations, declaring principles and strategies of negotiations with EU and finally ratifying the Accession Treaty, Croatian Parliament has over a decade played a crucial role in achieving the strategic goal – full EU membership.