Information and Documentation Department

The Information and Documentation Department is part of the Staff Service and it is charged with the indexing and archiving of all acts of the Parliament. 

The Department also provides full reference service, which includes responding to requests for articles and information dealing with complex matters of interest to MPs, and utilising a variety of sources such as articles and electronic documentation. 

The Department responds to queries for information from MPs and parliamentary staff about bills in progress and transcripts of plenary sessions, and it keeps track of Parliament’s legislative activity (enacted legislation, rescinded or withdrawn bills, debate statements made by MPs during plenary sessions, and all manner of statistics on matters relating to the work and functioning of Parliament).

Documents are indexed pursuant to: 

e-Doc is a database developed and maintained by the Information and Documentation Department. In carrying out some of its fundamental tasks, the Department processes, both formally and in terms of content, all acts of Parliament, transcripts, questions posed to the Government by MPs as well as amendments and stores the full versions thereof in e-Doc.  

The e-Doc system makes it possible to search a large number of publicly available parliamentary materials (draft legislation, reports of the working bodies, amendments, MPs’ questions and answers), as well as statistical indicators of legislative and parliamentary activities, including for instance the total number of times an individual MP or a member of a political group requested the floor, an overview of disciplinary measures imposed and amendments submitted along with the status thereof.

Search results typically include a link to complete texts of documents where these are available in electronic format.

Our mission is: 

  • to support Parliament’s legislative, oversight and representation functions by providing high-quality information servicest
  • to provide support to decision-making processes
  • to raise the standards of debate
  • to improve the quality of legislation 

Our Objective is: 

  • to provide impartial, accurate and timely information to all users 
  • to provide information service that assists MPs, committees and other parliamentary bodies in the fulfilment of their duties 
  • to make information and services available to other parliamentary staff as necessary to facilitate Parliament’s functioning 
  • to ensure that MPs and staff in Parliament have easy access to the information they need when they need it 
  • to provide the appropriate level of information and documentation services to MPs and parliamentary staff 
  • to provide records of Parliament’s activities

Although research functions have been foreseen, currently the Department does not engage in research activities. 

Working hours and users

The recognised ‘clients’ for the Department’s services are: MPs, assistants, and the staff of Parliament and other governmental institutions. In addition, any person may be accepted as a client by written authority of the Secretary General of the Croatian Parliament. 

The Department renders services to MPs and staff on session days from 8:30 a.m. until the session is closed, and Mondays to Fridays during recesses from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Contact information 

Head: Daniela Sraga, Ph.D
Phone: + 385 1 4569 660
Fax.: + 385 1 6303 797