Slovak Parliament First to Ratify Croatia’s EU Accession Treaty

Bratislava – The National Council of the Slovak Republic is the first parliament of EU Member States to have ratified Croatia’s Treaty of Accession to the European Union, Croatian News Agency (HINA) reported. 

While 76 votes were required for the Treaty to be adopted, 145 out of 151 Members of the Slovak Parliament supported it. The ratification process of Croatia’s Accession Treaty in Slovakia will be completed once it has been signed by the Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič.

Croatia’s EU Accession Treaty was signed with all the EU Member States in Brussels on December 9, and in order for it to enter into force, it must be ratified by all the Member States, by the Croatian as well as by the European Parliament. (Internet Editorial Staff/HINA)

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff/Hina