Croatian parliament speaker attends working breakfast with EU ambassadors

Zagreb - Croatia is an incomparably better, more democratic and prosperous country today than it was in 2000 and especially than it was in 1990, Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said on Wednesday at a working breakfast with European Union ambassadors.

At the event, organised by the Embassy of Lithuania - the incumbent EU president - Leko gave a talk to the ambassadors, recalling the path Croatia had crossed since it gained independence, the Homeland War, the process of democratisation and adjustment of the society to European standards to full EU membership.

Leko underlined that the path is not over yet, adding that it was necessary to carry out reforms. He expressed confidence that the EU accession would open new windows of opportunity for Croatia.

He then took questions from EU ambassadors who, among else, were interested in details of a parliamentary delegation's visit to Azerbaijan, notably energy cooperation with that country, Croatia's relations with other Southeast European countries, problems of the Croatian economy and the role of parliament in monitoring the government's European policy decisions, the statement said.

Autor: Hina