Migliori talks democratic progress and environment in visit to Mongolia

Ulanbataar – Mongolia, the OSCE's newest participating State, has made admirable progress but should remain vigilant about sustaining its environmental resources, President Riccardo Migliori said today after a day of meetings in the capital Ulanbataar.

Migliori is the first president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to visit Mongolia, which formally joined the OSCE as the 57th member last December. 
- Twenty years of democratic, pluralistic elections are paying off for the people of Mongolia, Migliori said.
- Increasingly independent media, more participation from women in politics, and visible economic growth in the capital is all helping transform this vast country for the better. 
President Migliori, joined by OSCE PA Vice-President Tonino Picula, met Wednesday with Zandaakhuu Enkhbold, Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia and President of Mongolia Tsakhia Elbegdorj on the first of a three-day visit to the Asian republic.

He also met with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Luvsanvandan Bold and Migeddorj Batchimeg, Chairwoman of Mongolian delegation to the OSCE PA. Ms. Batchimeg is one of nine women now serving in the Mongolian Parliament.

- Mongolia, land-locked between China and Russia, has actively sought stronger ties with multilateral organizations like the OSCE. Mongolia should make full use of the OSCE's expertise in promoting democracy, human rights, environmental protection and security by becoming active and engaged in the organization, Migliori said.
- The mining sector has led to increased foreign investment and economic growth in the country, and Mongolia is compliant with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, a concept endorsed by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly to ensure citizens are able to know what revenue their government makes from public land sales.

- Mongolia's growth is to be applauded, and I hope the government and parliament will work with the OSCE to strengthen institutions so they can best sustain Mongolia's environment and ensure that economic development helps all people of Mongolia, Picula said.

The OSCE has suggested potential projects to support Mongolia's democratic growth, which could include training in the fields of: fair elections, good governance, law enforcement, and sustainable natural resource management.

Autor: Press Office/OSCE PA