Speaker of the Croatian Parliament participated at the Conference "Comprehensive regional defence ministerial"

Dubrovnik - The "Comprehensive regional defence ministerial – CRM" is hosted in 2015 by the Republic of Croatia and it takes place in Dubrovnik on 21-22 October.

The meeting  of the defence ministers  was also addressed by Parliament Speaker Josip Leko who said that the issue of refugees was assuming worrisome proportions which was why efforts of all countries wanting to join NATO needed to be supported. 

"Croatia is a member of NATO, it gained a lot with the membership. The effects of the membership are not visible in everyday life of our citizens, but we are aware that NATO is still the most credible alliance in the world, it is an alliance of values which we advocate as well. By joining NATO, Croatia has permanently resolved its strategic issue of security and definitely secured its border", Leko said.

The Comprehensive regional ministerial entails ministerial and defence policy officials of three regional initiatives – the U.S. Adriatic Charter (A-5), the South East Defence Ministerial Initiative and the Western Balkans Defence Policy Directors (WBDPD).

Autor: Hina/Press Office