Parliamentary reports on Speaker activities in present term

Zagreb - After concluding its current session the Croatian parliament has released a comprehensive report on its work since being constituted in December 2011 to date which presents figures describing parliament's activities, working bodies and of Speaker Josip Leko.

In less than three years, since September 2012, in addition to chairing parliament, Leko conducted 209 European and international activities, most of these were in 2013 (81) and they related to Croatia's accession to the European Union. He participated in 28 international conferences, 23 official visits to foreign officials, travelled to neighbouring countries as well as Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Denmark, China, Korea, Qatar, the United States...

Leko also received 93 foreign officials and conducted 65 meetings with foreign ambassadors. This year, Leko registered 36 international activities as evidenced by his expenses of HRK 60,000, one-third of which or HRK 20,103 comprise miscellaneous costs for entertainment expenses during official trips and other various fees. Part of the expenses attributed to the Parliament Speaker are incurred by delegations accompanying him on trips, parliament explained.

Autor: Hina