Deputy Speaker Josip Leko Meets Rafael Eitan President of the Israeli National Council for the Restoration of Jewish Property

Zagreb – Deputy Speaker Mr Josip Leko received a delegation from the National Council for the Restoration of Jewish Property of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, headed by the Council’s President Mr Rafael Eitan.

The topic of the restoration of the Jewish property seized in Croatia was discussed in the context of drafting amendments to the law on compensation for the property seized during the communist rule in Yugoslavia.

Members of the Israeli delegation stated their expectations and put forward their suggestions primarily with reference to the restitution of the Jewish property seized in the period between 1941 and 1945. As it was said at the meeting, Croatia does not rule out the possibility of restoring the property seized in the said period and the modes of settling the issue are being examined.
“We respect the position of the damaged party and are careful not to hurt their feelings. In settling this issue we will be guided by the principle that unjustly seized property has to be restored to its former owners. However, we must also respect the principle of not doing new injustice while righting old wrongs”, said the Deputy Speaker and emphasized that the problem had to be solved in accordance with economic possibilities of the country and realistic possibilities of the present as well as future generations in Croatia.

The Israeli delegation expressed their understanding for the financial aspect of the problem, highlighting they were not asking for the property to be seized in order to restore it to its former owners.

Both parties expressed their wish for the issue of restoring the Jewish property seized in Croatia to be settled in a spirit of friendly understanding.

Autor: Speaker's Office