Parliament speaker says Croatia to continue supporting refugee returns

Briševo - Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said on Sunday Croatia would continue to strongly support the right of all refugees to return to prewar homes, notably Bosnian Croat refugees, of whom too little had returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visiting Briševo in the Prijedor area, Leko told reporters his arrival to Bosnia, to attend a two-day conference on the strengthening of peace and reconciliation in Banja Luka, was motivated by the wish to encourage returns. - Unfortunately, no data source on returns is optimistic and the least Croats have returned to this area, both in percentage and absolute number, he said, adding that this was an important message for both Croatia and Bosnia. - Our position in Croatia is that everyone who wants to must be able to return and the state must ensure the minimum return conditions, Leko said, adding that the Banja Luka conference would focus on that.

In Briševo, he paid his respects to Croat civilians killed in the village in 1992. (Hina)

Author: Hina