6th term of the Croatian Parliament (11 January 2008 - 22 December 2011)

Foreign Policy Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

- consider matters of foreign policy and international relations which Parliament debates and decides upon, and prepare draft regulations within Parliament’s authority in matters pertaining to this field,
- co-operate with the corresponding parliamentary committees of other countries,
- provide opinions to the President of the Republic on the appointment and dismissal of chiefs of Republic of Croatia diplomatic missions abroad,
- consider reports of standing or temporary parliamentary delegations to interparliamentary institutions in co-operation with the Interparliamentary Co-operation Committee,
- consider international treaties that are to be ratified by Parliament and submit its proposals and views to Parliament,
- co-operate with bodies in the Republic that operate in the field of foreign policy and international relations.
The Foreign Policy Committee shall have the rights and duties of the competent working body in procedures to enact legislation on the ratification of international treaties.


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