10th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 July 2020)

Elections, Appointments and Administration Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

- prepare and submit to Parliament proposals for the election and recall of chairpersons, deputy chairpersons and members of working bodies of Parliament;
- propose the appointment and dismissal of representatives of Parliament in specific national and other bodies and associations;
- propose the election, appointment, recall and dismissal of other officials who are appointed or elected by Parliament, unless specified otherwise by law;
- establish and submit to Parliament draft regulations on the material rights of Members of Parliament;
- have the rights and obligations of a competent working body in matters pertaining to labour relations, salaries and other income earned by public officials in procedures involving the enactment of legislation and other regulations;
- draft individual solutions pertaining to permanent monetary remuneration and other income of Members of Parliament and the salaries of officials appointed and dismissed by Parliament and its working bodies, unless specified otherwise by law,
- decide on criteria to establish income and compensation of costs to scholars, professionals and public officials who are members of parliamentary working bodies or are involved in their work;
- draft individual solutions pertaining to monthly monetary remuneration paid to scholars, professionals and public officials who are members of parliamentary working bodies;
- perform other activities stipulated by these Standing Orders and law.


Phone: +385 1 4569 259
Fax: +385 1 4569 669
e-mail: odbiiup@sabor.hr

Ms. Sandra Mužek Matišić
Phone: +385 1 6303 296
Fax: +385 1 6303 061
e-mail: smmatisic@sabor.hr, odbiiup@sabor.hr


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