Parliament adopts 2033 Demographic Revitalisation Strategy

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Thursday adopted the 2033 Demographic Revitalisation Strategy and declared 2025 the Year of the 1100th Anniversary of the Croatian Kingdom.

The Demographic Revitalisation Strategy, which was passed by 91 votes in favour and 34 abstentions, is the first strategic document concerning demographics since the adoption of the National Population Policy in 2006.

The implementation of the document requires interdepartmental cooperation and synergy at national, regional and local level and the effort of society as a whole.

The strategy has two goals: to build a stimulating environment for families and young people and facilitate balanced mobility of people.

With 127 votes, Parliament unanimously declared 2025 the Year of the 1100th Anniversary of the Croatian Kingdom. The year will be marked with a number of cultural events and scholarly meetings to show the continuity of the Croatian kingdom from the early Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century.

"This anniversary will be an opportunity to highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Croatian people, including the Croatian language, arts and architecture that marked the past millennium," said the Chair of the Science, Education and Culture Committee, Vesna Bedeković (HDZ).

Loan agreement on revitalising Croatian rail system ratified

Parliament ratified a loan agreement with the European Investment Bank on financing a project to revitalise the Croatian railway system. The €400m loan is the first part of a €900m framework loan aimed at upgrading Croatia's rail infrastructure.

Sabor appoints new Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities

Darijo Jurišić was unanimously appointed and sworn in as the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities, after Anka Slonjšak was relieved of her duty at her own request last autumn.

Author: Hina