11th term of the Croatian Parliament (16 May 2024)

Dražan Dizdar (Pravo i pravda)

Dizdar, Dražan

Born on 27 April 1967 in Drniš. Obtained his Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degree from the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb (Doctoral Degree in the discipline of Social Sciences, field Kinesiology; university teacher).

Deputy Club of the Croatian Sovereignists, Law and Justice and Josip Jurčević – Independent MP
Phone: +385 1 4569 532; +385 1 4569 409
e-mail: klubhsppnz@sabor.hr

Begin of parliamentary mandate:

16 May 2024

Changes during parliamentary mandate:

  • the MP’s term of office began on 16 May 2024 as Mislav Kolakušić's substitute

Party affiliation:

Parliamentary functions:

Elected from the list of the:

  • Homeland Movement, Law and Justice, Block for Croatia and Agramers – Independent List