10th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 July 2020 - 16 May 2024)

Rada Borić (NL)

Borić, Rada

Born on 11 September 1951 in Zagreb. Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb – Master of Arts in Croatian Language and Literature. Pensioner.

Begin of parliamentary mandate:

22 July 2020

End of parliamentary mandate:

16 May 2024

Changes during parliamentary mandate:

  • the suspension of the MP's term of office started on 15 September 2021; her substitute is Ivana Kekin

Party affiliation:

Previous clubs:

Previous parliamentary functions:

Elected from the list of the:

  • We Can! – Political Platform, New Left, Workers' Front, Sustainable Development of Croatia, Zagreb is OURS! and For the City