Resolution on the Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union (18 December 2002)

Acting as a body elected by the will of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia and basing its activities on guarding and implementing the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia on which the Republic of Croatia is founded, while fully departing from Article 141 of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and determining that the strategic foreign policy priority of the Republic of Croatia is a full-fledged membership in the European Union, which has proved to be a nucleus and area of stable peace, freedom, democratic values and high standards of living, 
Respecting the universally recognised principles and conventions for the protection of human and minority rights, 
Persevering in efforts aimed to complete the transition of the economy into an open market economy in order to accelerate the process of economic development to the benefit of all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia, 
Developing good neighbourly relations and resolving open issues with all its neighbours, engaged in regional co-operation and determined to act towards the strengthening of peace and stability in the whole of Europe, 
Sharing the principles, values and goals on which the European Union is founded, 
Departing from Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union (Treaty of Amsterdam) related to the procedure and conditions for accession of the States which have applied for EU membership,


Recalls that Croatia's accession to the European Union is a strategic national goal that will enjoy the Parliament's full and continued support in its further activities; 
Confirms its commitment to the idea that Croatia's integration into the European Union should be based on individual approach and merits; 
Underlines that in terms of its heritage, culture and geopolitical position the Republic of Croatia is a part of Central Europe and the Mediterranean and is keen to actively and fully contribute to the endeavours of the international community and the European Union in achieving and preserving political stability and lasting peace in Southeast Europe; 
Decides to fully harmonise the legal system of the Republic of Croatia with the standards and the acquis of the European Union through systematic work and action based on the consensus of all the parliamentary parties; 
Urges the Government of the Republic of Croatia to submit Croatia's application for EU membership by the end of February 2003 and to report to the Croatian Parliament on the progress of negotiations; 
Decides to apply a special procedure along with due care, expertise and efficiency so as to ensure the accomplishment of the ultimate goal – accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union; 
Declares its full commitment to the European integration process based on the European Union's integration principles, especially those comprised in the principles of respecting the differences, partnership and equality as well as preserving the national identity of each nation; 
Expects from the European Parliament, other institutions as well as the Member States of the European Union to take into account the consensus and determination of all political forces in the Republic of Croatia regarding the accession to the European Union as expressed in this Resolution. 
This Resolution shall be published in the Official Gazette. 

For the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Group - Mato Arlović (signed) 
For the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) Group - Luka Trconić (signed) 
For the Croatian People's Party (HNS), Primorsko-goranska Party (PGS) and Slavonsko-baranjska Croatian Party (SBHS) Group - Damir Jurić (signed) 
For the Libra Group - Jozo Radoš (signed) 
For the Liberal Party Group - Tibor Santo (signed) 
For the National Minorities' Group - Borislav Graljuk (signed) 
For the Istrian Democratic Forum (IDS) Group - Damir Kajin (signed) 
For the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Group - Vladimir Šeks (signed) 
For the Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) Group - Dražen Budiša (signed) For the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP)-Croatian Christian Democratic Union (HKDU) Group - Anto Đapić (signed) 
For the Democratic Centre (DC) Group - Mate Granić (signed) 
For the Croatian Block Group - Krunoslav Gašparić (signed).