10th term of the Croatian Parliament (22 July 2020 - 16 May 2024)

Legislation Committee

About Committee

Scope of work

- consider draft legislation and other draft regulations which are enacted by Parliament with a view to their compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the legal system, European Union law and with a view to their appropriate legal processing;
- consider matters of uniform legislative methodology and other matters essential to uniform legal techniques and the terminological compliance of legislation enacted by Parliament, and propose the adoption of and amendments to the uniform rules of methodology and principles of the legislative technique for drafting legislation enacted by Parliament;
- provide opinions on proposals for individual provisions of laws to have retroactive effect;
- oversee the unity of the legal system and provide opinions on matters of principle pertaining to the development of the legal system or the uniform application of laws;
- consider regulations that are ratified by Parliament or to which Parliament provides its consent and opinion;
- establish and issue consolidated texts of legislation and other regulations enacted by Parliament when such regulations have been amended no fewer than three times;
- consider proposals to provide authoritative interpretations of laws or other regulations enacted by Parliament;
- performs other activities as stipulated by these Standing Orders.


Appointed members

Frane Staničić, Ph. D.
Boris Ljubanović, Ph. D.
Sunčana Roksandić, Ph. D., Ph. H. D.
Alen Čičak
Nataša Delonga Poparić


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