Parliamentary committee upholds Hrvoj-Šipek's nomination as Attorney-General

Zagreb - The parliamentary Judiciary Committee on Wednesday upheld the nomination of Zlata Hrvoj-Šipek as Attorney-General.

Hrvoj-Šipek told the Committee she had applied for the position of Attorney-General so that she can create an effective framework for the further operation of the State Prosecutor's Office (DORH).

Parliament is expected to discuss Hrvoj-Šipek's nomination and appointment on Thursday. Parliament appoints the Attorney-General for a four-year term at the recommendation of the Government and based on the prior opinion of the Justice Committee.

Hrvoj-Šipek has until now served as Deputy Attorney-General. The Government nominated her after interviewing six candidates who had applied for the job. The position became vacant in February when Attorney-General Dražen Jelenić resigned.

Author: Hina