Parliament begins regular spring session

Zagreb - Parliament started its regular spring session on Tuesday with a minute's silence in honour of the people killed in devastating earthquakes that hit Croatia, of eight young people who died of gas poisoning during a New Year's Eve celebration in Posusje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and of all COVID casualties.

The regular spring session starts 15 January and will continue until 15 July.

Parliamentarians also paid their respects to all those who lost their lives in defense of the homeland and all fallen veterans.

The new session was convened following a one-month recess and as usual started with Question Time, and the first MP to be drawn 'out of the hat' was independent MP Vladimir Bilek, and the last, 41st, question will be by HDZ MP Miro Totgergeli.

The spring session has 108 items on the agenda so far and it is more than likely that more will be added as the seven-week sitting continues.

Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković called on the Government to answer 59 questions by lawmakers that it still has not answered.

I once again call on the Government to respond to those questions, said Jandroković.

He said that since the start of this Parliament on 22 July last year, lawmakers asked the Government 173 questions and the Government has responded to 105. The deadline for answers to 9 questions has still not expired, said  Jandroković.

MP Nikola Grmoja (Bridge) enquired about questions he had asked in the last parliamentary session and never received an answer while Jandroković suggested that Grmoja, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, should be sent to the Government again.

Author: Hina