Parliament adopts Family Farms Act

Zagreb - Parliament on Friday passed the Family Farms Act which is expected to lead to an improvement in the state of affairs in agriculture, enable distinguishing family farms from other businesses, and help bring order to the market of agricultural and food products.

The law was adopted with 77 votes for. The opposition Peasant Party (HSS) and Bridge, revolted that the government had turned down all 30 opposition amendments and staged a walk out before the vote, while the rest of the opposition abstained.

The law is aimed at motivating families to run their farms and discouraging the fragmentation of production resources. It stipulates that a family farm's production resources which are imperative for its operation and are its main source of income, are exempt from seizure, as is the property necessary for the family's accommodation. The law also provides for fewer administrative and fiscal barriers. (Hina)

Author: Hina