6th term of the Croatian Parliament (11 January 2008 - 22 December 2011)

Delegation to the Parliamentary Committee for stabilization and accession (Croatia - EU Joint Parliamentary Committee)

About permanent delegation

The political dialogue between the Republic of Croatia and the European Union is conducted through the Croatia-EU Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). The JPC represents a new form of co-operation between the two Parliaments established by a March 2004 Decision of the European Parliament establishing an individual delegation for co-operation with the Croatian Parliament and a corresponding decision adopted by the Croatian Parliament in October 2004.

The EP Delegation has 15 Members and 12 Substitutes. The political composition of the EP delegation reflects the representation of the political groups in the new EP. The delegation of the Croatian Parliament has 15 Members and 13 Substitutes.

The aim of the Joint Parliamentary Committee is to promote in particular: Croatia's full integration into the community of democratic nations and gradual rapprochement with the European Union; an increasing convergence of positions of the two sides on international issues, also through the exchange of information as appropriate, and, in particular, on those issues likely to have substantial effects on Croatia and EU; regional co-operation and the development of good neighbourly relations; common views on security and stability in Europe, including co-operation in the areas covered by the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union.

Since Croatia became an EU candidate country in June 2004, Croatian Parliamentarians have also been actively participating in other inter-parliamentary activities in the framework of the European Parliament and national parliaments of EU member states and candidate countries. The most significant activities include the Conference of presidents of the Parliaments of EU member States, the Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees of Parliaments of the European Union and the meetings of chairpersons of Foreign Affairs Committees of the EU Member States.