Parliamentary political parties and independent MPs allocated HRK 31m for work in the second half of the year

Zagreb - The parliamentary Committee on the Constitution, Rules of Procedure, and Political System has unanimously decided on the distribution of funds for the work of political parties and independent MPs from 1 July to 31 December, allocating HRK 31 million for this purpose.

A total of HRK 62.05 million has been set aside in the budget for the work of parliamentary political parties and independent lawmakers for this year. The funding for the first half of the year has already been paid out.

The largest amount for work in the second half of the year, HRK 6.3 million, will go to the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and its 45 male and 17 female MPs. The Social Democratic Party was allocated HRK 3.5 million for 19 male and 15 female lawmakers.

With eight male and three female MPs, the Homeland Movement will receive HRK 1.1 million, while Bridge will get HRK 806,000 for seven male MPs and one female MP. We Can! was allocated HRK 517,000 for three male and two female lawmakers.

The Independent Democratic Serb Party will get HRK 318,000 for two female MPs and one male MP, while the Istrian Democratic Party will receive HRK 308,000 for two male MPs and one female MP.

The Croatian Social Liberal Party, Croatian Peasant Party and Croatian Conservative Party will each get HRK 199,000 for two male MPs, while the New Left, Workers' Front, Civic Liberal Alliance, Party with a First and Last Name, Centre and Reformists each have one female MP and will each receive HRK 199,000. The same amount will also go to independent MP Ermina Lekaj-Prljaskaj.

The parties that are represented by one male MP were each allocated HRK 99,000. Those are Croatian Sovereignists, HRAST, Croatian Christian Democratic Party, Croatian Pensioners' Party, Bloc for Croatia, Fokus, Croatian People's Party and Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja. The same amount will also go to independent lawmakers Robert Jankovics, Furio Radin, Vladimir Bilek and Veljko Kajtazi.

Female MPs, as members of the underrepresented gender, are entitled to a 10% higher amount than their male colleagues.

(€1 = HRK 7.48)

Author: Hina