Parliament revises 2017 state budget

Zagreb - With 79 votes for, the Croatian parliament on Friday revised the 2017 state budget in which revenues amount to HRK 122.5 billion, while expenditures have been slashed by HRK 1.6 billion to HRK 126.8 billion. During the vote, one MP abstained, while 45 voted against. 

Neither the government nor parliament adopted the amendments submitted to the revised budget. One of those turned down was a Peasant Party amendment to raise compensation for damage caused by natural disasters to HRK 200 million by cutting the budget of the Security and Intelligence Agency by the same amount. The government raised the compensation sum from HRK 20 million to 100 million. 

The amendment by Miro Bulj of the Bridge party to raise the compensation to HRK 300 million was also turned down. He said HRK 2.3 billion was reported in damage and that HRK 100 million was not enough. 

The biggest gainer in the revised budget is the Health Ministry, which gets HRK 1.1 billion, of which HRK 870 million to service hospital debts. (EUR 1 = HRK 7.5)

Author: Hina