Parliament: Family pension beneficiaries allowed to work part-time

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament on Friday extended the eligibility to work part-time and receive a full pension to family pension beneficiaries.

The Parliament amended the Pension Insurance Act by a majority vote, and the changes included the amendments put forward by Silvano Hrelja (HSU) whereby beneficiaries with the lowest pension will also be allowed to work four hours without their pension being reduced.

Beneficiaries receiving an old-age pension, early retirement pension, disability pension due to inability to work, or family pension who exercised their right by 31 December 2013 are entitled to the lowest pension in case of part-time employment.

That way, Hrelja explained, the material circumstances of those beneficiaries would also improve and they would be encouraged to join the world of work even after retirement. The amended law enters into force on 1 August.

Author: Hina