Maritime domain bill to be improved for second reading, minister tells MPs

Zagreb - Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković said in Parliament on Wednesday that the new law on maritime domain and seaports would not allow privatisation or fencing off of beaches, assuring the opposition that the articles in question would be clarified before second reading.

"There will be no privatisation or fencing off of beaches. Quite the contrary, fencing off of beaches is prohibited, and everyone has the right to access any part of a beach. ... The maritime domain remains a common good," Butković said during discussion on the bill.

He said that the wording of the bill would be improved for second reading to make it clear that beaches must not be fenced off, that hotel beaches would be classified as public ones and that the common use of the maritime domain would be ensured. 

Speaking of the present concessions and the total of 18 fenced-off beaches, Butković said that the fences would be removed as soon as the concessions expired, adding that only special beaches would be fenced off, such as nude beaches, dog beaches and hospital beaches, and that those would be specified in the bill.

Author: Hina