European Commission Adopts the Monitoring Report on Croatia’s Accession Preparations

Brussels – Today the European Commission adopted the Monitoring Report on Croatia’s accession preparations for the EU membership. The Report stresses progress in the level of preparedness and highlights the areas where further efforts are necessary in order for Croatia to be fully ready for membership on 1 July 2013.

By signing the Accession Agreement on 9 December 2011, Croatia accepted to be closely monitored by the European Commission which would then issue six-monthly assesments of all the commitments undertaken. These refer in particular to competition policy, judiciary and fundamental rights. In today's Report the Commission recommends Croatia should put more effort in human resources planning and in strengthening the independence, accountability, impartiality and professionalism of the judiciary. The Commission then advocates improvement in handling of domestic war crimes cases, organised crime, conflict of interest and corruption cases, protection of minorities, refugee return issues, protection of human rights as well as continuation of cooperation with the ICTY. 

The Commission will present its next, as announced, more comprehensive Monitoring Report to the European Parliament and the Council in autumn 2012. (Internet Editorial Staff)

Author: Internet Editorial Staff