Summer Session Adjourned

Zagreb – Today the session of the Croatian Parliament was adjourned until after September 15, pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution. On this occasion, Mr Josip Leko, Deputy Parliament Speaker and acting Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, held a media conference where he reported on the Sabor's work since the 7th Parliament convened on 22 December 2011 until 13 July 2012.

Mr Leko said there had been one extra and three regular plenary sittings in a period of 61 days. Members of Parliament debated 206 items of the agenda, passed 110 laws, made 194 decisions, two declarations, two conclusions, one budget and one plan.

As for the parliamentary committees, commissions and councils, together they held 256 regular and fifteen thematic meetings, where they discussed 826 items related to plenary work and other 168 that were not part of the plenary session’s agenda. 

Deputy Speaker Leko presented to the public the total costs of the Parliament from January till June this year: MPs’ expenditures amounted to 3,976,538.73 kuna (1,252,169.20 kuna for apartment rental fees and 2,897,020.53 kuna for MPs’ travel expenses in the country and abroad). MPs made 78 trips in Croatia and 81 abroad. 

The Deputy Speaker believes that during this period of time the Sabor paved the way for changing the direction of Croatian state politics, the effects of which should be evident by the end of the year. (Internet Editorial Staff)

Author: Internet Editorial Staff