Sabor set to transpose EU acquis into 75 laws in 2016

Zagreb - The Croatian parliament is expected to adopt 75 laws this year that would incorporate the European Union's acquis communautaire, and a schedule for the adoption of those laws will be put on the agenda of parliamentary committees this week.

Thus, in the first quarter of this year, Croatian lawmakers are likely to consider 29 laws from this package, including draft amendments to genetically modified organisms, a new law on restricting the use of tobacco and tobacco-related products, as well as a new law on mortgages.

In the second quarter, MPs are likely to consider 27 proposals from this package, including amendments to the legislation on distress and the Penal Code, amendments to legislation on credit institutions,  etc.

Draft laws on medically-assisted reproduction and on health care are scheduled to be on the parliament's agenda this autumn.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee on European affairs, Gordan Jandrokovic of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), said on Monday that he hoped the government would keep up with the planned dynamic regarding EU acquis.

He confirmed that the parliamentary committee on European affairs would analyse to what extent the plan for 2015 had been fulfilled and which laws that should be adjusted to EU law remained to be adopted. In this context he mentioned legislation on media and on the public broadcaster (HRT).

Author: Hina