Reiner: Focus of Croatian-Albanian relations on Adriatic-Ionian motorway

Zagreb – Croatian-Albanian relations are friendly and are marked by a high level of understanding and cooperation in all areas and the focus of their cooperation is on the Adriatic-Ionian motorway and gas pipeline, Croatian Parliament Speaker Željko Reiner said on Thursday at a meeting with Albanian Ambassador Ilir Melo.

"Advancing relations with neighbours is one of Croatia's foreign policy priorities and we consider Albania to be in our neighbourhood with whom we share the Adriatic Sea," Reiner said and added that the focus of cooperation was on the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian motorway and gas pipeline but also on environment protection projects and sustainable development of the Adriatic, the parliament's press service said.

Reiner said that the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) was an opportunity for the two countries to strengthen their relations and that they should build stronger inter-parliamentary cooperation.

Tirana considers Croatia as an important partner and so we have a strong will to strengthen cooperation not only in the area of economy but culture and tourism too, Melo underscored. He added that considering their membership in NATO, Croatia and Albania should have a key role in this part of Europe.

Author: Hina