Pupovac: Initiative for better parliamentary cooperation

Zagreb - Initiative taken by four chairmen of foreign affairs committees of the parliaments in the region, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, is not a step towards establishing a regional parliament but a way of improving inter-parliamentary cooperation, said Milorad Pupovac at the press conference.

"We have no ambitions to establish a regional parliament but cooperation among national parliaments. Our aim is to overcome differences and strengthen the cooperation” said Pupovac. According to his opinion the cooperation exists among heads of states and presidents of governments, parliaments less. “The issue of borders will be the next one. Heads of states and presidents of governments can take any decisions but it is parliaments that have to accept those decisions" he explained.

"Our idea is not a super-parliament but cooperation based on the free will" said Pupovac and explained that this initiative is genuinely regional, not imposed by international community.

It is the new initiative which has to be confirmed yet by committees for foreign affairs in the respective parliaments. During Thursday afternoon and Friday morning the four participants – Marija Obradović, National Assembly of Serbia, Miodrag Vuković, Assembly of Montenegro and Mirza Kušljugić from the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina – discussed the possibility of shared responsibility for constructing trust and stability in the region with strong feeling of recognition of territorial integrity and sovereignty of our countries. They looked into three European models of regional cooperation, Nordic, Baltic and Benelux model in order to get acquainted with different economic, political and geo-strategic reasons for cooperation.

It is not about establishing a formal organization, confirm the participants. This gathering is arena for discussing the issues that might represent keys of our cooperation, said Pupovac announcing that the next meeting will be in Sarajevo. (Hina)

Author: Hina/Press Office