Parliament Speaker says democracy is "our world and future"

Zagreb - Democracy is our world, our decision and future, Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said on Wednesday to law students participating in a parliament simulation project organised by the Croatian branch of the European Law Students' Association.

Croatian democracy "envisages the responsibility of everyone in society," Leko said, reminding the students that under the Constitution and the principles of democracy, government came from and belonged to the people and that in Croatia it was divided into the legislative, executive and judicial authorities. In modern democracies, unfortunately, there is also a fourth authority, stronger than those three, "the financial, banking authority," Leko said. The Croatian parliament understood from the start that it is important that citizens know what each authority decides about and what they can expect of them, he added.

It is important that the authorities work together and control each other, which is easier said than done, particularly if citizens have no awareness of their role in democracy, Leko said.

In the democratic sense, Croatian society is making significant headway and parliament takes part in this education through parliament simulation projects to teach all students, from elementary school to college, about decision-making, he added. I want you to feel good in parliament, that this is your parliament, because democracy is our world, our decision and our future, he said. (Hina)

Author: Hina