Parliament Speaker issues Christmas message

Zagreb - Croatian Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković issued a Christmas message on Friday, highlighting the importance of dialogue and fostering mutual understanding and unity in society.

"Christmas is a holiday of love, peace, hope and light, the joyful proclamation of the birth of Jesus Christ. The spirit of Christmas ennobles our faith and invites us to re-examine our own conscience and do good. Through prayer and personal reflection, it encourages us to show the strength of forgiveness and charity and to care for the dignity of every person," Jandroković wrote.

Solidarity, unity and our way of life have been put to a test in the past two years, marked by the global pandemic and two devastating earthquakes, he recalled.

"While respecting the differences between us, continued and constructive dialogue is one of the key ways for us to overcome divisions," Jandroković said, stressing the importance of fostering mutual understanding and unity in society and creating an atmosphere of hope and optimism for the sake of our own future and the future of our children and young people.

He also wished all Croatians a healthy, happy and successful New Year 2022.

Author: Hina