Opposition shows solidarity with Health Minister Beroš after protests outside his home

Zagreb - Despite consistently criticising the way the coronavirus crisis is being managed and health policies in general, opposition lawmakers on Friday stood in defense of Health Minister Vili Beroš, criticising protestors who rallied outside his home and disturbed his family.

MP Sabina Glasovac (SDP) underscored that everyone has the right to express their dissatisfaction but in a public space.

"I understand the disagreement with decisions by the COVID-19 response team and the government and everyone has the right to express their dissatisfaction, and they are free to do so in squares, outside Government House and the Ministry of Health but not in front of anyone's home, in this case in front of Minister Beroš's home, where his family lives, as do other residents of that building who are not at fault and do not deserve to have anyone disturb their peace," she said.

Matko Kuzmanić from the Social Democrats caucus expressed solidarity with Beroš's family, saying that freedom and responsibility have to go together and "we need to watch what we say so that inflammatory rhetoric does not become a reality."

MP Urša Raukar Gamulin of the We Can! party said that she would never jeopardise or in any other way disturb the families or the private sphere of any minister or politician.

Bridge party MP Marin Miletić said that politicians are public figures who have to always be prepared for criticism and frustration expressed by citizens, but that citizens cannot do it everywhere they please.

Author: Hina