MPs endorse abolishing excise taxes on small spirits producers

Zagreb - Croatian lawmakers on Thursday endorsed amendments to the Excise Taxes Act proposing exemption of small spirits producers from excise taxes when these products are used for veterinary-medical purposes or as a food additive.

The bill proposes exempting small spirits producers from excise taxes as well as natural persons who produce spirits from the fruit they grow on land they own or have leased, using stills.

Small spirits producers can produce up to 50 litres of spirits from their fruit and use them for consumption by their own household or their guests.

The positive effect of the exemption for small producers will be reflected in the sustainability and survival of the traditional production of fruit brandies in rural households and it will simplify excise tax procedures for registered natural persons of whom there are currently 38,374 in Croatia.

Excise taxes will be abolished when alcohol is produced for veterinary-medical products (compulsory exemption) or as a food additive (optional exemption).

Author: Hina