Leko welcomes participants in Transatlantic Forum

Zagreb - The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament, Josip Leko, welcomed participants in the 15th Transatlantic Forum of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation entitled "Croatia: From Independence to the 28th Member of the European Union and NATO - A Guarantee for a Peaceful Future", which was being held in the Croatian Parliament building on Wednesday. The forum brought together 17 legislative leaders from the United States and 10 US business people.

Leko said that membership of the European Union and NATO had been Croatia's political goal since its independence. ''By joining NATO, Croatia has gained security which is based not just on weaponry but also on values'', he said, expressing hope that Croatia would take advantage of economic opportunities provided by its EU membership. Leko also attended a meeting of Croatian and US business people which focused on possibilities of developing economic cooperation. -We wish to confirm that Croatia and the US will continue building their partnership, and not just the political but also economic partnership, he said and expressed hope that this partnership would open up the way to US investment in Croatia and the door of the US market to Croatian companies.

The meeting involved representatives of the Croatian Employers Association, the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and 10 US companies and business associations, namely Mark Anthony Brands, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, United States Fireworks Safety Commission, Recording Industry Association of America, Toyota America, The Home Depot, Diaego, Comcast and Advance America.

The Transatlantic Forum of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation is held once a year, every time in a different country. This is the first time that US political and business leaders have gathered for the forum in Croatia. After Zagreb, they will continue their work in Dubrovnik. (Hina)

Author: Hina