Leko speaks about importance of parliament in security matters

Zagreb - Parliament has a special responsibility to solve problems that encroach on the question of fundamental security of the individual and society, Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said on Thursday at a round table on parliamentarism and security.

He said that the parliament had a unique constitutional role to approve and review expenditure for defence and security and a key role in declaring war or emergency situations or announcing their end. Underscoring that a safe living environment was one of the preconditions for economic progress, Leko recalled that over the past few years during the process of accession to the European Union and NATO, Croatia had taken huge steps in adjusting to democratic standards.

Croatia is the most qualified and has experience with the problem of regional issues which facilitates our constructive actions in that field, he said.

"Croatia directs special attention toward participating in regional initiatives and the best way to build peace and security in southeast Europe. It has the most expertise and experience in that field and opportunities to act constructively", Leko said at the panel discussion organised by the Croatian Parliamentary Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

When it comes to global danger of terrorism, Leko believes that this threat cannot be eliminated without the cooperation of the international community. This can be seen in everyday events like the recent mall attack in Kenya. "We must not allow insecurity and chaos to become part of our lasting surroundings and for certain insecure foci to spread and grow into regional conflicts," he told participants attending the discussion organised ahead of the NATO parliamentary assembly in Dubrovnik.

Davor Bozinović, an MP and former defence minister and observer in the European Parliament, said that expertise was important and that the "European Union (EU) is the solution to our problems". "With our entry to the EU we are entering a society where not too many will be able to pull through without know how and substance," he said.

Author: Hina