Citizens expect MPs to attend sessions more regularly

Zagreb - The sixth Parliament Open Door Day was held on Sunday and among the questions visitors asked outgoing Speaker Željko Reiner was whether the new MPs would attend sessions more regularly and if politics was a good choice for young people.

"Being in politics should be a very good and honourable choice because to represent one's own people is very important and honourable, it carries a lot of responsibility and the possibility to influence the country's development," Reiner said.

He voiced hope that more MPs would attend the next parliament's sessions, saying it was an MP's duty to come to parliament. "That's why the people elected them, to pass laws, to decide. That's their job, a great majority of them receive a salary for that," he said, adding that "it's expected of MPs" to come to work. Reiner explained to visitors the importance of the parliament speaker, saying he was the second ranked official in the country after the president. He did not agree that parliament observed modestly the 25th anniversary of Croatia's independence on October 8, saying "the media would probably have been the first to criticise" had more money been spent on the ceremony "in a situation which, economically, isn't brilliant." (Hina)

Author: Hina