Ambassadors' Visits to the Sabor

Zagreb - Designated by the Speaker of the Parliament Mr Boris Šprem to perform the duties of the Speaker, Deputy Parliament Speaker Mr Josip Leko held a number of meetings on July 2 and 3. 

On July 2 he received the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Republic of Croatia Mr Vladimir Raspudić who was paying a farewell call to the Sabor. Mr Leko underlined Croatia's interest in continuing the cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as its support to the country to join the NATO and the European Union. Ambassador Raspudić agreed with the Deputy Speaker about the importance of maintaining and improving the economic relations between the two countries in the context of Croatia's impending EU membership. 

At the meeting with the Malaysian Ambassador Mr Yoke Heng Yean it was concluded that the economic cooperation between Croatia and Malaysia should be enhanced. Malaysia is particularly interested in energy power and infrastructure, as well as in using Croatian seaports for marketing its goods in other European countries. Mr Leko and the Ambassador both expressed their interest in cooperating in the fields of tourism, culture, science and education.
The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt Ms Iman Mohamed Medhat Elfarr, informed Mr Leko of the current political situation in Egypt. She confirmed Egypt's interest in continuing political cooperation with Croatia and expressed her satisfaction at the fact that the Egyptian foreign minister was to take part in Croatia Summit.

On July 3, Mr Josip Leko received the first visit of the Ambassador of Montenegro Mr Igor Građević and the Finnish Ambassador to Croatia Mr Juha Ottman. The Sabor's Deputy Speaker congratulated Montenegro on the progress it had made on its road to join the NATO and the EU and expressed his satisfaction with the way Croatian minority is protected in Montenegro. Both functionaries agree economic cooperation has to be improved.

The Finnish Ambassador to Croatia expressed his expectation that the process of ratification of Croatia's EU Accession Treaty could be completed by the end of the year. Talking about Croatia's EU and NATO membership, Ambassador Ottman accentuated Finland considered Croatia a success story and a role model to other countries of Southeast Europe aspiring to join the European Union.

Author: Internet Editorial Staff