Boris Šprem and Hungarian Ambassador Gábor Iván about Croatia's Accession Treaty Ratification in the Hungarian Parliament

Zagreb – The Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr. Boris Šprem expressed his gratification with the fact that the Hungarian Parliament had ratified Croatia’s Accession Treaty to the European Union, referring to it as an indicator of very good relations between the two countries.

"I am very satisfied with the decision of the Hungarian Parliament to ratify Croatia’s EU Accession Treaty. Also, I am very glad that the Treaty was ratified by an extremely vast majority of votes: out of the 300 Hungarian MPs nobody voted against the ratification and only several of them abstained", said Šprem for the Croatian Information Agency after his meeting with the Hungarian Ambassador to Croatia Mr. Gábor Iván, who had informed him on the voting results.

"As for the ratifications yet to come, I have been told that Italy is likely to ratify Croatia’s Accession Treaty any day now. I know that Bulgaria will ratify it on Friday. I have been invited to address the Bulgarian MPs in their Parliament on that occasion", Šprem said.

"The voting results are a symbol of our bilateral relations", said the Hungarian Ambassador. Hungary is the second of the 27 EU Member States to have ratified the Treaty. Slovakia was the first to do it on February 1. (Internet Editorial Staff/Hina)

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff/HINA