World Roma Language Day marked in Croatian Parliament

Zagreb - The member of Parliament representing the Roma minority, Veljko Kajtazi, said on Wednesday that a lot had been done for the Roma language in Croatia over the last three years, expressing hope that during his term in office he would manage to have the Roma language included on the list of minority languages in Croatia. 

"A lot has been done for the Roma language thanks to my colleagues, members of Parliament, the government and you," Kajtazi said while addressing Parliament Speaker Josip Leko, who received representatives of the Roma community on the occasion of World Roma Language Day, which is observed on November 5. 

Kajtazi said that great progress had been made in Roma language studies since the Croatian Parliament formally recognised Roma Language Day on May 25, 2012. Since then the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies has introduced two optional programs - Roma Language and Literature, and Roma Culture, and a decision has recently been made to open a European Centre for Roma Studies. (Hina)

Autor: Hina