Croatian Parliament to hold an Open Day on 12 October 2014

To mark the Independence Day - 8 October – in memory of the legislators' unanimous decision on 8 October 1991 to sever all ties with the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, with Croatia becoming a free and independent state, Citizens Service of the Croatian Parliament will be organizing the Open Day event. 

Entrance will be allowed to all visitors on 12 October 2014 without previous announcement and there will be guided tours for groups with a special program for this Day including venues that cannot be visited during the regular visitors programs. Guided tours in English language start at 12 PM and 15 PM. A guided tour of max. 50 people takes 30 minutes. 

The visitors will go through usual security check and are kindly asked to leave their bigger personal belongings (bags, umbrellas, etc.) in the cloakroom. There is a wheelchair accessibility provided throughout the visit. It is allowed to take photos throughout the visit.

Autor: Hina