Leko says Brčko District example of tolerance, coexistence

Brčko - Croatian Parliament President Josip Leko said on Monday that Brčko District in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina served as an example of peaceful coexistence, announcing that he would advise Croatian business people to invest there.

-We are very pleased with what we have seen in Brčko District, notably with the tolerance and coexistence that is being fostered here and with the fact that everyone wants to see this area prosper. We will therefore recommend Brčko District for investments by Croatian business people, Leko said after meeting local officials.

He added that Croatian business people, led by executives of the food companies Vindija and Podravka, would visit the district as early as Tuesday.

The head of the Croatian parliament today also met representatives of the local Croat community in Brčko District.

Autor: Hina