Parliamentary official, German MP talk Croatia's EU entry

Zagreb -The chair of the parliamentary European Integration Committee, Daniel Mondekar, on Thursday received the deputy chair of the CDU/CSU group in the German parliament, Andreas Schockenhoff, for talks on Croatia's accession to the European Union, the Croatian parliament said in a press release.

Mondekar said Croatia was focused on the completion of the ratification of its accession treaty, recalling that the document still had to be approved in the Netherlands, Denmark, Slovenia and Germany.

Schockenhoff said the Bundestag had discussed the treaty in first reading, which marked the beginning of the ratification process, and that the final decision would be made after the European Commission's monitoring report due in March.

"We expect Croatia to successfully meet the remaining commitments and join the Union on 1 July 2013, which will be a strong signal for the region as well for Croatia," he said.

Talks also addressed the political situation in the region. Mondekar said Croatia strongly supported the European prospects of its neighbours and that it would support them in the EU integration process. (Hina)

Autor: Hina