Parliament expenditure in January-July period HRK 400,000 less than in same period last year

Zagreb - In the January-July period this year, the costs of parliamentarians, without their salaries, amounted to around HRK 5.2 million, as indicated by parliamentary statistics released on Wednesday after the closure of the regular session.

Compared with the same period last year, lawmakers spent around HRK 400,000 less. Once again this year the highest expenditure can be attributed to vehicles used for official purposes (HRK 1.7 million) and rent for accommodation (HRK 1.4 million).

The most "expensive" MP is Frano Matušić of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), with costs of more than HRK 127,000 for living away from home and his international obligations.

In the period from January to July, parliament was in session for 68 days and discussed 217 items. It adopted 89 laws, 23 of which were adopted unanimously. At the same time, parliament rejected 13 bills.
During Question Time, MPs presented 66 questions and a further 237 were forwarded to the government in writing.

Autor: Hina