Sabor Speaker wishes best on Statehood Day

Zagreb - Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko on Tuesday forwarded a message with best wishes on the occasion of Croatia's Statehood Day, observed on 25 June in memory of 25 June 1991 when Croatia's lawmakers adopted the declaration on the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Croatia.

"That day is celebrated as the greatest holiday of Croatia's freedom and of the independent democratic state. Our Statehood Day is a celebration of the fulfillment of the centuries-old dream of the citizens of Croatia to be able to independently and sovereignly decide on their destiny and future," Leko writes in his message.

He paid tribute to all Croatians who had defended Croatia on the battlefields and who had been politically engaged to help reinforce the Croatian citizens' right to live a life in freedom and democracy.

Leko also wished for perseverance and success in coping with present-day challenges in the economic and financial crisis so as to ensure a better life and future for Croatians. (Hina)

Autor: Hina/Press Office