Parliament Speakers affirm friendly Croatia-Montenegro relations

Podgorica - Parliament Speakers Josip Leko of Croatia and Ranko Krivokapic of Montenegro said in Podgorica on Thursday that the relations between the two countries were excellent and that parliamentary cooperation was an essential part of them.

Leko said Croatia supported, as a partner, Montenegro's aspiration to join the European Union and NATO, the Montenegrin parliament said in a press release.
The two officials also talked about strengthening bilateral cooperation in the economy.

Krivokapic welcomed Leko with the highest state and military honours.

Leko said he had very substantial talks with Krivokapic and Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic about Montenegro's progress towards EU and NATO membership and about cooperation in the EU's Adriatic-Ionian, Danubian and Western Balkan initiatives.

"We have very similar views on the problems in the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative and Southeast Europe. I want us to achieve synergy so that we can transfer to other states in Southeast Europe the experience of Montenegro, which has made significant progress in the EU association process," Leko told Hina.
Visiting the Croatian National Council in Tivat, he said the position of Croats in Tivat and Montenegro was much better than in many EU countries. "This is a meeting with fellow countrymen in a friendly country which is trying to build, as soon as possible, a society like those in EU member states, which is Croatia's interest and the interest of Croats in Montenegro."

Leko said he concluded from the talks that Croats were increasingly improving their position in Montenegro's society and state, where they are represented in parliament and the government, which he said made it possible to hear and represent Croat interests.
"Croats have always been here. They have a strong cultural basis, which is very important both for Croats and for Montenegro. They are loyal to their country, Montenegro," Leko said.

Autor: Hina