European Health and Food Safety Commissioner on visit to Sabor

Zagreb - European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis, who was on a working visit to Croatia, on Thursday met with representatives of the parliamentary committees on health and social welfare, on agriculture, and on European affairs, to notify them about European Commission activities in the field of public healthcare, disease prevention and food safety.

Andriukaitis informed them that the European Union intended to step up its activities in alcohol and tobacco consumption prevention and the reduction of the intake of sugar, salt and trans-fat. 

In order to reduce food waste, the Commission is set to see to it that a plan be adopted on food donation next year.

In terms of the number of tobacco smokers, Croatia ranks third in the European Union. Consumption of alcohol and obesity among 15-year-olds in Croatia is above the EU average. (Hina)

Autor: Hina