Parliament: Last year was good for pension funds

Zagreb - Representatives of compulsory pension fund management companies Erste, PBZ Croatia Osiguranje, Raiffeisen and Allianz presented their financial results for 2016 in the Croatian Parliament on Wednesday.

At the end of last year, the compulsory pension funds had HRK 84 billion in total net assets and 1.784 million members.

The pension funds were not affected by the crisis in the Agrokor agricultural and food conglomerate. They mostly sold the shares of Agrokor's companies, with Erste earning HRK 31 million and Raiffeisen HRK 270 million.

PBZ Croatia Osiguranje still holds 0.11% of shares in Agrokor-owned frozen food and ice-cream maker Ledo, and Renata Kasnjar Putar said that they had made a good profit from those shares.

Damir Grbavac said that the Raiffeisen compulsory and voluntary pension fund management company still holds Ledo shares. (EUR 1 = HRK 7.4)

Autor: Hina