Parliament committee unanimously endorses Jelenić as new Chief Public Prosecutor

Zagreb - The Croatian Parliament's Justice Committee on Thursday unanimously endorsed the government nomination of Dražen Jelenić as the new Chief Public Prosecutor.

Jelenić, who currently serves as deputy to the incumbent Chief Public Prosecutor Dinko Cvitan, told the Committee that work on corruption cases remained the priority of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office (DORH), along with organised crime and war crimes cases. 

He said that if selected, he would continue developing DORH. -I am aware of the public perception of DORH's work. I have my opinion of it, but it should be taken into account, Jelenić said, adding that "the impression is that criminal complaints are sitting in drawers, but we don't have so many drawers".

He said he was aware that the public perception was created on the basis of cases of corruption, war crimes, economic crime and crime in general, including murder, robbery, abduction and rape.  -My intention is to revitalise the relationship between DORH and crime investigation police, and strengthen county prosecutor's offices, which are the backbone of the state prosecution system.

Autor: Hina