Deputy Speaker Receives Ambassadors

Zagreb – Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr Josip Leko received the visits of three ambassadors to Croatia: Romanian Ambassador Mr Cosmin Dinescu, Belgian Ambassador Ms Nancy Rossignol and Ukrainian Ambassador Mr Oleksandr Levchenko. Bilateral political and economic relations between Croatia and the respective countries, the process of ratification of Croatia's Treaty of Accession to the European Union, strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation were the main topics covered at the meetings.

Having thanked the Rumanian Ambassador Mr Cosmin Dinescu for the Romanian swift ratification of Croatia's EU Accession Treaty as well as for its unstinting support to Croatia's efforts for joining the EU, Deputy Speaker Mr Leko expressed his conviction that Croatia would meet all the requirements for EU accession before 1 July 2013. Also, the Deputy Speaker is satisfied with the way Croatian ethnic minority is protected in Rumania. Mr Leko and Mr Dinescu agreed the traditionally friendly relations between Croatia and Romania, particularly economic exchanges, should further be strengthened within the framework of the European Union. Furthermore, the two countries can use their experience to help other countries in the region of Southeast Europe aspiring to join the EU. 

The relations between the Kingdom of Belgium and Croatia are very good, the Belgian Ambassador Ms Nancy Rossignol and the Deputy Speaker agreed. “Given the complexity of the ratification process in the Kingdom of Belgium, it would be good for Croatia if it could start as soon as possible. Therefore we propose to intensify our inter-parliamentary cooperation so that Croatia would learn from an old democracy, such as Belgium“, Mr Leko accentuated. He reminded of the Croatian Parliament Speaker's invitation to the President of the Belgian Federal Parliament to visit Croatia. The Deputy Speaker expressed his hope that this visit happens before the ratification, as “it would give Croatia enough time to explain all the aspects of its accession to the European Union. Ms Rossignol supports the idea of inter-parliamentary cooperation at all levels and hopes the ratification of Croatia’s EU Accession Treaty in Belgium will encounter no difficulties.

Croatia and Ukraine have had good and friendly diplomatic relations ever since they were established, agreed the Ukrainian Ambassador to Croatia Mr Oleksandr Levchenko and Mr Josip Leko. Visit exchanges at the highest level also confirm the continuity of parliamentary cooperation. Further experience sharing and cooperation at the level of parliament speakers and state presidents should be intensified. The Deputy Speaker confirmed Croatia’s interest in increasing economic exchanges with Ukraine, particularly in the area of infrastructure projects and congratulated Ukraine for the successful organization of the European Football Championship.

Autor: Internet Editorial Staff